Arlington Homes - The Good Life Has NEVER Been So Affordable


bullet  I had my new custom home built by Arlington Homes in 2005. Any time you have to build a home of this size and detail there are a lot of decision that have to be made. The professionals with Arlington Homes assisted my wife and I with every step of that process. We were able to go to the many excellent vendors that they have teamed with to be able to give our home the unique feel of our tastes and needs. 

One of the vendors that they use is Environmental Management Inc. they have a residential landscape division called GardenEscapes. Their designer took our house print and created multiple landscape rooms with a fireplace and water feature and hardscapes. They also were able to give us an irrigation system to water our new grass within our budget. The best part of this was the ability of the designer to understand what we needed before the house was built.

This allowed all of the different infrastructure that was needed such as gas lines, electric line, electrical outlets and the proper grades for the different levels of the design. This was a huge savings compared to what would have been needed if this wasn't thought of before the house was built. As always with any new home there are things that happen that you are not happy with or are not expecting. We had a few of those and they allowed us to vent our frustration and listen to our issues. The mark of a good builder is how they handle that type situation. They have a project manager by the name of Jack Thrush who followed up and endured are many questions and fears and made sure we understood what the problem was and how they were going to corrected it. To their credit if it was wrong they admitted it without hesitation that is rare. We called him almost daily during certain durations of the building process and to his credit he always answered his phone and responded to our concerns.

So we get the house built and we are ready to move in the appliances all show up that we purchased and we find out from the supplier that they do not install "built in" appliances even though we paid them to perform this installation. The knowledgeable folks from Arlington Homes jumped right in and install them for us for no extra charge and two months later when I needed a mini refrigerator and icemaker installed in the finished basement they were more than willing to perform that also. In my opinion that is very good service and I really appreciate the effort and value.

We have had a few warranty items popup from time to time and with one phone to Jack Thrush they are taken care of as soon as he possibly can. When I first entered into this process with Arlington Homes I had not heard of them. They are not a large builder and my wife and I was a little apprehensive of what to expect. As you can tell from my earlier comments that bigger is not always better if you have good people that are looking out for your best interests in the home building process that is all you need to get an excellent home built.

-Fred Drewry

bullet  When we told people that we were planning to build a custom home, they all warned us that the building process was a "nightmare". Fortunately, for us, it was more like a dream come true. Alington Home took a plan that we had designed and turned it into reality in less than a year. Their commitment to quality and willingness to let us be involved in the process made us very happy customers. We highly recommend Arlington Homes.

-David & Brenda Webster
 Powell, Ohio

bullet  "Selecting Arlington Homes was the first step in building our dream home. You did a terific job and we could not be happier with our choice of builders. You essentially turned what could be a rather stressful process into an enjoyable and an exceptionally fun experience. We love our new home and we were so fortunate to have Arlington Homes as our builder. Your knowledge and expertise in the industry is priceless and we cannot thank you enough for making our dream home a reality!"

-Ron & Gayle Dingess
 Delawarel, Ohio